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Qualified technicians ensure repairs are carried out to the highest quality with genuine replacement parts. A team of trimmers with years of experience re-assemble your vehicle once painting and finishing has been completed.
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Our Air-O-Prep area is equipped with orbital dry flatting machines and drown drafting vacuum to ensure a dust free environment. The Air-O-Cure area is equipped with down drafting and paint baking facilities and so achieving the best quality finishes on all vehicles.
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Quality Control

A post repair safety check is carried out by our quality controller to ensure work has been executed in accordance with the high Durban South standards levels. All work done on our premises is AA quality assured and has a 12 month guarantee on workmanship.
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Customer Care

The nucleus of our operation where all administration is automated to facilitate efficient processing of claims and quotations. Customers are able to receive up to date information with regards to their vehicle progress.
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Wheel Alignment

Our wheel alignment center is fully equipped with John Bean computerised machinery. Our technicians will ensure accuracy and expertise with your road safety in mind.
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At Durban South Panel Beaters we maintain such strengths and go to great heights when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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